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327784_228417803915383_1360514077_o{Main Beach, East Hampton, NY}

This past weekend, my husband took me to a little corner of the east coast that juts out to touch the water.  It’s the place we first went to after being newly engaged.  It’s the place where we got married.  Where we sought solace after losing an unborn child.  Where we go to sip good, red wine and take pictures of the grapes that make that possible.  It’s the place we drive to when we need calm.  It’s the place we head to each year the last weekend in September to walk between the same vines where we stood and said our vows.  It’s where we feel good and happy.  Where we eventually got pregnant.  Where we watch boats rock back and forth, clinking into one another and then going static, without saying a word.  It’s the place we brought our family to, so they could feel it, too.  And our daughter following that, shortly after she was born.

sag harbor{Sag Harbor, NY}

And as long as it’s there, we will keep going back.  There are a lot of milestones yet to reach, moments to celebrate, memories to be made and sadness to endure.  It’s the place we will always know how to get to by heart.  And it’s a happy place to have.


  1. Susan Giordano

    June 2, 2014 at 12:30 PM

  2. I’m pretty sure this is the second post (so far) to do so, but as I sit here reading and re-reading your heartfelt words, I’m in tears. You really have a way of making me (and likely anyone reading with me) feel so intimately connected to what you’ve written through the simple fact that so many of us go through similar, wonderfully amazing and awful times – alone or together; shared loudly or felt deeply in quiet. And you have such an eloquent way of relating to people through your words. Can’t thank you enough for sharing a little piece of yourself every day through your blog. It may be long before you truly know how very many people you are able to touch, in the moments out of their day that they stop and read pumpkin + rose, but know that you are and how very special that is.

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