Beach Bag Must-Haves

June is here and that means many trips to the beach lay ahead.  Here is a round-up of some great beach bag must-haves that will be coming along with me this summer.

beach bag must haves


1.     A light, comfortable cover-up that is pretty enough to double as a tunic if the beach leads to lunch or drinks.

2.     Soft, durable towel that you can take from the bath to the beach.  The fun fringes are an added bonus.

3.     Basic hat to protect your hair and shield your eyes from the sun.  And the perfect accessory to complete the beach look.

4.     This fruit-infused glass water bottle helps keeping hydrated less boring.  Lemons and limes are a great pick-me-up.

5.     Light-weight, oil-free moisturizing sunscreen that offers serious protection.

6.     A flattering inexpensive pair of shades that can endure the surf and sand.

7.     To enhance the full-bodied texture your hair gets after a day at the beach or to create those same beachy waves anytime.

8.     A feel-good book with great take-aways that you can get wrapped up in.

9.     Nourishing and soothing tinted lip balm that takes care of the almost-always forgotten about part of our summer skincare regime.

10.     Simple enough to go with anything and a stylish option with no heel.






  1. Where is that water bottle from? I want it!! 🙂

  2. #4 Dropping soda means I drink more water…this is perfect! Father’s Day anyone?
    #6 Sunglasses need to also contain an “Emma proof” sticker! Be on the lookout for that as well…

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