Fun Little Tuesday

A fun little Tuesday indeed.

So, as most of you know who peruse my blog, there is probably nothing that I love more than spending time with my little lady, Emma Rose.  And this morning was such a treat.  We got to be on the Today show and model a children’s product by Munchkin.  It was a stroller organizer that fits on mostly all types and brands of strollers and with so many little pockets, all of your extra baby (and mama) gear would easily be covered.  Check out some photos of our exciting day.  And lots of love to Amy E. Goodman at Zulily for letting us be a part of this helpful segment.

{7:15 am}

sleeping beauty blog pic

We were off.  Had to wake this sleeping beauty earlier than she would have liked, but she must have known we were in for an adventure because she was beaming.

{9:48 am}

scared screen shot

Not looking so sure about this whole thing.

{9:54 am}

high kick blog pic

With a little time to adjust, someone was so pumped about appearing on TV that the occasion called for a high-kick.

{10:15 am}

after today show blog pic

Posing for a photo with my sidekick after the segment wrapped.

{10:27 am}

wiped out blog pic

Emma was wiped out from the busy morning.  Out like a light as soon as she hit the seat.  (Well, after just a few more apple slices).

{11:37 am}

burry screen shot blog pic

Back at home we watched the taped show and Emma was a little confused, but happy about seeing her face on the screen.  (This shot is a little dark and not the easiest to make out, but when she turned her blonde hair in my direction to say, “Is that me?!?” I had to snap a photo).

{11:39 am}

last screen shot

Em with those apple slices that kept her happy (and quiet) while the cameras rolled.

Thanks for stopping by to check out our day.  Hope you enjoyed the photos as much as we did!

To catch the whole segment, check out the video from the Today show this morning here.


  1. What a trooper she is!! You guys are more to model:)

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