{A few of my favorite things this week that I either just discovered or already know I couldn’t do without}

H bracelet

1.     Decorative Cross – I am a huge collector of crosses and try to find unique ones wherever I go.  I use them to decorate my kitchen, Emma’s nursery, my bedroom, blank walls.  This ornate cross was hand-crafted in Mexico and I got it on a recent trip to New Mexico this spring.  It sits pretty on my nightstand and I love getting to look at it each morning when I wake up.

cross made in mexico

2.     Distressed Skinny Denim – This will probably be the only pair of jeans I ever need.  And I am so sure of it that I got two identical pairs.  It was the first time I purchased denim from Textile by Elizabeth and James and never before has a brand fit so perfectly, comfortably and been so versatile.  I wear these everywhere.  I dress them up.  Couple them with heels.  Top them with my favorite leather jacket.  I wear them with my beat-up Converse on a rainy day.  Hands-down.  Most.  Perfect.  Pair.  Ever.

best jeans ever{Textile by Elizabeth and James Debbie Skinny Jeans in Love Sick}

3.     Black and White Photo – This June, my parents have been heavy on my mind.  It’s the month that my mom’s birthday falls in.  The month where her school just held a retirement dinner in which there was a great, heartfelt and honest speech given about her and her long-time commitment to her place of work.  It’s the month where we celebrate Father’s Day.  And a month that has been so busy thus far that I have relied so much on both my mom and dad for their help watching after Emma and lots more.  Every time I have passed by this black and white photo of them dancing at my wedding nearly five years ago, it has made me smile.

mom and dad happy dance

4.     Statement Bracelet – This gold and purple bracelet is one of my favorite pieces of jewelry I own.  So simple, yet elegant.  A classic, timeless band that I know I will have forever.

statement bracelet{Hermes Clic-Clac H Bracelet}