My Life Lately {As Told Through Photos}

Sometimes life literally flies by.  Whipping passed you like a fierce wind, too quick to grasp.  The minutes and seconds that your mind is convinced you will remember so vividly, for so long, simply slip through your fingers.  And it is this very notion that has shaped my love for photography.  That fact that, that instant will be forever frozen is priceless.

little lady at efcc{Beautiful little lady on a beautiful day}

seriously swinging{Blue eyes}

nyc fashion fun{Fun with fashion in NYC}

high fives{High-fives for an excellent lunch}

papa and em{Em and her papa}

birthday fun{Birthday fun}

pro shop help 2{Newest pro-shop assistant}

pool fun{Nothing says summer like toddler fun in an inflatable pool}

chalk fun{Driveway + chalk = happy kids}

smoothies{Healthy fruit smoothie for Emma, Oreo milkshake for her mama}

mom thats me{“Look, ma, it’s me!”}

more beach kisses{Beach kisses are the best kisses}

golf course love{Sweet nothings…love}

Happy Monday!


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  1. Love all of these pics 🙂

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