Blueberry Pancake Kind Of Sunday

I love how the summer season brings with it longer, lazier days, having shed the structured schedule and hard-fast routine of winter.  The warmer months mean more outdoor gatherings, impromptu dinner parties, afternoons by the pool and late days turned into sunsets and pizza by the ocean.  For Emma, that also means more naps in her stroller, fruit and yogurt in the car on our way to the beach or blueberry muffins outside a coffee shop super early in the morning just to catch the very best, most quiet part of the day.  It means less home-cooked meals and more shared sandwiches eaten quickly during the brief adult-swim.  More colorful, ruffled wet bathing suits lined up in the sun and less clean, dry outfits that last a whole day.

blueberry pancake kind of sunday

So, today was a blueberry pancake kind of Sunday.  Sometimes I feel I owe it to Emma to hit the pause button.  We have had such an awesomely hectic June so far and July and August promise to be just as fast-paced.  But having her around reminds me that we still need to slow down every once and a while.  Even if that means whipping up a batch of her favorite breakfast care-of fresh blueberries and a box of store-bought mix.

emma and pancakes

Happy Sunday!



  1. I don’t know which to eat up first, those delicious looking pancakes, or my adorable granddaughter. I know, I’ll save the best for last, my Emma Rose!

  2. Susan Giordano

    June 29, 2014 at 10:43 AM

    Pancakes look delicious…perfect for a summer Sunday morning!!! Hope the little one enjoyed them…looks almost too good to eat!!!!

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